Mechanical pencil has became the first writing tool to students and officer. Why they choose it? Here are some reasons to tell you why we choose clutch pencil not wooden pencil.
1. Non-sharpen
The diameter of mechanical pencil is thin and not like the wooden pencil, so that we don’t need knife to make it thin. We can keep using it, it can not only make writing more easy, and save time and effort. So we choose mechanical pencil.
2. Same line width
It’s same diameter of pencil lead. So it will not appear the line will be more thin or more wide.
You don’t worry about stubs. When you use up one lead, you can add more leads in it. And there is no trees to be cut down. It is a good option to protect the forest.
4. Choice of meterial and colors
Choosing the material and color as you like.
Multi-funtion mechanical pencil will make writing more convenient.

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